BAO Trend Report: Fortune 1000

May 9, 2016
Category: Trend Reports

BAO recently conducted a market research study of 208 Fortune 1000 enterprises to understand current budgeted initiatives, as well as new technology adoption and purchasing trends. At a high level:

52% of Fortune 1000 companies surveyed currently have from one to four budgeted IT initiatives.

Fortune 1000 Trend Report

The BAO Fortune 1000 Trend Report presents the complete research findings, providing key insights into technology purchasing trends in this highly sought after market, including:

  • A breakdown of  budgeted strategic initiatives
  • A look at  IT budget trends
  • Insights into  cloud adoption, including organizational utilization as well as current and future deployments
  • A look at shadow IT and how various lines of business purchase technology
  • Details on storage environments and new technology (flash) adoption
  • Big Data insights including a look at utilization, use cases and industry trends
  • Technology and budgeted IT project trends by geography