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Appointment Setting in the Public Sector

Securing appointments in the FED and SLED markets requires a unique approach.
Specialized experience to get you access to the FED/SLED market

The public sector isn’t just another vertical you can tweak your messaging and source new contacts for—it really is a completely different sell. So when it’s time to arm your sales and marketing teams with resources to support their efforts, you need a partner who understands the differences.

You need someone who knows:
BAO has been successfully executing appointment setting campaigns for clients in the public sector for over two decades, so we know what it takes. To fuel those efforts, we’ve built a robust public sector practice that comprises one-third of our business. In short, no one knows the public sector demand generation like BAO.
Procurement requirements
there are specific, mandated procurement requirements.
That budgets and spending are managed differently.
Decision Makers
That the profile of decision makers and influencers is unlike that of their commercial counterparts.
The numbers don't lie
years in the industry
appointments secured in the public sector
dials into public sector contacts
What you gain

Securing appointments in the FED (federal government) and SLED (state and local government and education) markets requires a unique approach that accounts for the vast differences between the public and private sectors. That’s why BAO provides our Inside Sales Reps (ISRs) with in-depth public-sector-specific training and support so they can:

the ins and outs of the public sector—and how prospecting into this market differs from corporate America.
the maze of sub-agencies, divisions, and offices—and their varying bureaucracies of sales cycles, regulations, and procurement and contract rules.
the language and can effectively “translate” your messaging so it will resonate with this unique audience.
the decision makers with our knowledge of who really calls the shots in the public sector—it’s not the same as commercial organizations—and our unrivaled database.
“There are so many companies out there who try to do this, but don’t understand how the government market works. You can’t fake it in this space—you have to know all the rules. And BAO has done their homework. They really get it.”

Kim Carter, Senior Alliance Partner Manager, Red River
We Know Who’s Who—and Who Makes the Decisions—in the Public Sector

Over the last two decades, BAO has built out a public sector database that’s unmatched in the industry. The combination of our scale and technology focus produces the most up-to-date public sector database, which is composed of 66K contacts in just under 7K federal agencies, and 306K contacts in more than 56K SLED agencies and institutions.

But it’s not enough just to have accurate contact details. You also need to know who to reach out to, and it’s not the same as in the private sector.

For example, when selling to the government, appointed C-level executives aren’t always involved in upcoming product/service deployments. They may not even be part of the decision-making team; it’s the deputy to the chief executive who has the more hands-on role. Additionally, a director in government is the equivalent of a VP in the corporate world.

“BAO got us access to hundreds of government agencies and contacts—significantly increasing our forecast/deal registrations without having to add entry-level sales folks. They got us to the ‘needle in the haystack’ contacts we knew represented opportunity for us. And they did it fast.”

— Jody Ferguson, Founder, JTEK

Put the BAO Appointment Setting Advantage to Work in FED and SLED Markets
You can count on BAO to help you expand your public sector footprint with profitable, business-building opportunities.
Our reps make 175+ calls per day, instantly increasing your team’s productivity by freeing up their time to close deals.
Take full control of the scale of BAO’s outreach with the ability to adjust appointment setting volume based on the FED and SLED selling seasons.
Jump-start the sales cycle and accelerate the path to increased pipeline by getting in front of key public sector decision makers immediately.
With our performance-based model, you only pay for results and get the best possible return on your investment.
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