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Welcome to Opportunity Identification (OppID)

The power of OppID is the real-time intelligence you get.
Custom intelligence and buyer signals for your target market

You’ve engaged with BAO for an Opportunity Identification (OppID) project to gather custom intelligence and buyer signals for your target market.

The power of OppID is the real-time intelligence you get. You have the ability to obtain exactly the information you need to set your sales and marketing teams up for success.

As a brief overview of what’s in store, OppID delivers:
1. Custom Account Insights
OppID is specific, highly detailed information about your prospects’ needs, tech stack, buying process, and more. And it’s all gathered via live phone based interviews within the accounts you care about most, so you know it’s relevant and up-to-date.
2. Sales Enablement
OppID pinpoints qualified accounts, based on your unique criteria, to enable targeted sales development outreach. And the account specifics obtained through OppID are unavailable to anyone else, so your sales development team can have highly customized and truly differentiated sales conversations that turn into pipeline.
3. Elevated Marketing Campaigns
OppID helps marketers execute highly targeted campaigns and programs that will resonate with prospects and generate better performance on your KPIs. Since each OppID project is customized specifically for your solutions, it seamlessly plugs into and elevates your demand generation efforts.

We’re happy to have you onboard as a client, and are committed to helping your organization succeed with Opportunity Identification.