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BAO Trend Report: Fortune 1000

May 9, 2016
Category: Trend Reports
BAO recently profiled enterprises in the Fortune 1000 to identify purchasing activity and new technology adoption trends. At a high-level, 52% of the market have from 1 - 4 budgeted IT projects.
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Technology Purchasing Trends in the Fortune 1000 [Infographic]

April 8, 2016
Category: Infographics
While the Fortune 1000 has always been a hot target market, the “big companies = big opportunity” logic isn’t foolproof. BAO recently surveyed 208 organizations in the Fortune 1000 to understand current budgeted initiatives and technology purchasing trends.
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Solving The Lead Follow Up Challenge: Scalable Lead Qualification in the World of Inbound Marketing

February 3, 2016
Category: Videos
Generating leads is more important to B2B technology sales & marketing teams that ever before as many organizations are focused on creating an increasing volume of leads. But another challenge that’s equally important: following up on all those leads.
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On-Demand Webinar: Four Trends to Track in 2016

December 14, 2015
Category: Webinars
In Four Trends to Track in 2016, Jim Higgins, CEO of BAO, offers actionable advice and proven strategies for addressing the four biggest trends shaping the way sales and marketing teams go to market in 2016.
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BAO Trend Report: Inside / Outside Sales & Marketing

October 15, 2015
Category: Trend Reports
The BAO Inside / Outside Sales & Marketing Trend Report takes a deep dive into the current sales and marketing landscape and offers key demand generation insights on growth plans, roles & responsibilities, inbound leads and other factors.
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BAO Opportunity Identification [Infographic]

September 24, 2015
Category: Infographics
BAO Opportunity Identification provides customized account-level intelligence to help tech companies understand and uncover future opportunities within a market. This infographic dives deep into the use cases for this intelligence.
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Hyper-Growth Resource Center

August 27, 2015
Your company is growing fast and the pressure is on. Designed to support fast-growing sales and marketing teams, the Hyper-Growth Resource Center provides content and insights to support companies in hyper-growth mode.
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BAO Coverage Checklist

August 26, 2015
Category: Checklists
So marketers and sellers understand the total addressable market in North America, BAO developed a simple coverage checklist complete with basic segmentation criteria to help ensure that you've got it all covered.
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BAO Trend Report: Higher Education

July 28, 2015
Category: Trend Reports
The BAO Higher Education Trend Report takes a deep dive into the overall IT landscape in the higher ed market and presents the latest trends on campus about wireless, cloud, security and other technology initiatives.
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IT Trends in Higher Education [Infographic]

June 25, 2015
Category: Infographics
To gauge IT trends in the higher education market, BAO surveyed 225 colleges and universities in order to understand upcoming IT projects, deployment preferences and other purchasing factors.
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