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Appointment Setting Client Resource Center

We’re excited to kick off an appointment setting program with your organization.

Welcome to Appointment Setting

The goal of this appointment setting program is to support your sales efforts by securing appointments with top prospects in your target audience (s). Below are resources and best practice documents to help drive your program’s success.

Appointment Setting Getting Started Checklist

The most successful appointment setting engagements are set up for success right from the start. Included in this checklist are nine key areas that shape an appointment setting program and drive its outcomes.

Target List Creation: An Overview of Market Segments

BAO can create a target list for your appointment setting program using select demographics, including revenue, industry, employee count, and geography.

How to Integrate Your BAO Appointment Setting Program into

BAO offers the option to upload secured appointments as leads into your organization’s (SFDC) instance.

Appointment Setting Target List Template

If your organization will be sending BAO a list of target accounts, please use the attached template.

Best Practices for Sustained Appointment Setting Success

Best Practices for Sustained Appointment Setting Success provides tips and best practices that we’ve gleaned from our most successful clients over the last 20+ years to help you maximize the success of your appointment setting program.

The BAO ROI Tracker™

The BAO ROI Tracker™ is our post-meeting survey tool that is used to capture early-stage feedback associated with each meeting so we can monitor quality compared to KPIs.

Sample Monthly Appointment Setting Dashboard Report

Every month, BAO clients receive a dashboard report that compiles metrics and feedback from the field based on the BAO ROI Tracker™.