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December 1, 2016

Mid Market Road map

Your source for the insight you need to successfully market and sell into the mid market

BAO Mid MarketCreating and maintaining sales productivity in the mid market is challenging. With 19,083 companies, the mid market is large, fragmented, and frequently misunderstood. But it is a target market with lots of rapidly growing companies that have a myriad of technology challenges and – most importantly – active initiatives.

For BAO's Mid Market series, we have dissected this vast market for you and show you how to isolate those key mid market buyers and create a sales strategy that focuses on only the most important prospects.

How can you navigate to the right opportunities within the mid market? Check out the resources below for insight into how the mid market breaks down – and how you can break in.

Mid Market Blueprint
BLUEPRINT of Buying Activity in the Mid Market [Infographic]

So you don’t misfire in the mid market, BAO conducted a market research study to uncover tech spending trends and identify IT opportunities. Check out the blueprint infographic for the inside track on mid market buying activity.

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Breaking Down the Mid Market
Breaking Down the Mid Market
BASICS [Infographic]

It's huge, fragmented and often misunderstood. The mid market represents huge potential – but only if you know how to approach it. Don't try to "boil the mid market ocean." Let us break it down for you.


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OC Tanner Case Study
CASE STUDY: Marketing with Account Intelligence [Infographic]

To drive pipeline and revenue, O.C. Tanner leveraged BAO’s Opportunity Identification to better understand its target market and feed its sales org with qualified leads. Check out this real-world example of using account intelligence to go to market effectively.

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The Detailed BAO Mid Market Buying Guide BAO Mid Market Buying Guide

  • 74% of budgeted initiatives in the upper mid market are in 23% of the companies.
  • 26% of upper mid market companies have an annual IT budget >$11 million.

The BAO Mid Market Buying Guide takes a deep dive into the upper mid market, delivering valuable insights based on real, account-level intelligence.

Developed with market research performed exclusively by BAO to uncover tech spending trends and identify IT opportunities, this guide goes beyond statistics – we break down what it really means and how you can use this data to improve your sales productivity and fill your pipeline. The guide delivers important stats and insights, including:

  • IT budget trends
  • The top IT initiatives
  • Technology trends for strategic IT initiatives (including cloud), storage, and software applications
  • Industry trends
  • Geographic trends

Download the Mid Market Buying Guide