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BAO knows security.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Kathy Swail, Head of Marketing at Proofpoint, said: "BAO’s experience in the cybersecurity space certainly sets them apart from other lead generation providers."

Did you know?
It takes 137 dials to reach senior security decision-makers.

These contacts are notoriously difficult to reach, and then you still have to persuade them to take a meeting. Let BAO focus on the heavy lifting of prospecting so your reps can focus on relationship-building and selling.

Enterprise, mid-market, public sector
In the past five years, BAO has made more than 3.3M dials on behalf of cybersecurity clients across markets.
24,000+ Sr. security leader meetings
We’re filling up your prospects’ calendars—we’ve set more than 24,000 meetings with senior security leaders.
Tech Expertise
Our reps know how to communicate complex value propositions.

Working exclusively in high tech, BAO has unique expertise in bringing sophisticated solutions to market. For example, BAO partnered with Automation Anywhere, and successfully created pipeline in multiple lines of business, from Supply Chain to Human Resources. As David Morrison, Director of Global Lead Generation at Automation Anywhere, said:

I’ve been impressed with the BAO inside sales reps’ ability to prospect on our behalf. Their incredibly detailed grasp of our messaging and how it benefits the prospect is really quite amazing and special.”

We’re the prospecting partner of choice in cybersecurity.

Here is just a tiny sample of the security clients BAO has helped build pipeline:

Already have your own inside sales team?

So do all of our clients. They partner with us on strategies to:

Divide and conquer:
Clients deploy us strategically to whitespace or regions in need of a pipeline boost.
Accelerate their own inside teams’ success
We partner with our clients’ internal SDRs to secure first meetings for them to qualify for the field.

I’ve used BAO at multiple companies - always in security - and have seen firsthand that their knowledge of the industry results in pipeline for my business. With the cybersecurity industry being so fast and dynamic, and the technology market being so competitive, BAO provides a real advantage to sales and marketing teams by ensuring consistent access to buyers.

We get it, it can feel like a risk.

That’s why many of our clients started by giving BAO a piece of their white space as a proving ground. And we’re performance-based, which means you’ll always have something to show for your investment.

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