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Destination Pipeline: Increase At-Bats

There is a way to get your new hires more at-bats and cut their ramp-up time in half.
Destination Pipeline

is where leads are maximized, new sales reps are productive and your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs make a difference.

In this 5-part blog series we’ll explore key tactics that can help you achieve your pipeline goals.

BAO’s high-tech clients are successfully investing in their new rep performance. Roger Zacapa, Director of Inside Sales at Castlight Health, said about a recent engagement with BAO:

“We identified some of our brand-new region sales managers who could use an extra shot in the arm to get started – the additional BAO meetings allowed them to really quickly get more at-bats, more time to practice their pitches and, ultimately, more pipeline.”

It takes six to twelve months to get a new sales rep fully ramped up, productive and meeting their quota. In fact, on-boarding time for a new rep typically looks like this:

[SALES CYCLE] + 90 days = ramp-time.

That’s a long time to have a valuable resource operating below peak efficiency – one you’d likely rather not afford. Good news, there is a way to get your new hires more at-bats and cut their ramp-up time in half.

Fast Ramp is BAO’s Quick-Start Program

Fast Ramp provides real-time account intelligence on, and immediate access to, the hottest targets in a new seller’s territory. BAO’s Fast Ramp solution arms your new reps with:

1. Account Insights
Customized, real-time, account-level intelligence on 100 of their top target accounts
2. Access
Face-to-face access to the decision-makers in charge of the 20 strongest opportunities
3. A Primed Territory
Instead of spinning their wheels with cold calling and empty prospecting, your new reps will be selling into real deals. Fast Ramp lets them walk into a primed territory – qualified and segmented – on day one.
Make pipeline your destination.

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