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Destination Pipeline: Hit the ABM Bullseye

Go beyond basics like size or industry. You need to ask about tech environments and trigger events.
Destination Pipeline

is where leads are maximized, new sales reps are productive and your account-based marketing (ABM) programs make a difference.

In this 5-part blog series we’ll explore key tactics that can help you achieve your pipeline goals.

In a 2017 survey, we found that 82% of marketers are currently executing or planning an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. They’ve committed to focusing on a smaller number of companies. But 88% of organizations said that they lack the insights necessary to succeed with ABM.

Account-Based Marketing is Logical

At its core, the practice of ABM is logical: select a specific list of companies to target and then pursue each as a “market of one” with messaging and campaigns that are targeted specifically to that organization.

In ABM, significant resources are directed at a focused list of accounts, but often times not enough resources are directed at understanding and selecting the “right” targets.

What makes an account “right?”

While many marketers look to the top of the Fortune ranks for their ABM list, this approach can have its pitfalls. What if a handful of your ABM targets recently purchased a competitor’s solution or aren’t considering switching vendors?

To select the right ABM targets, you need to go beyond basics like size or industry. You need to ask about technology environments and trigger events.

1. Competitive installations
What complementary and competitive solutions are installed?
2. Initiatives
What initiatives are in progress?
3. Pains and challenges
Where are their pains and challenges?
4. Trigger events
You also want to identify trigger events. Are there contracts coming up for renewal that signal now is time to target a particular account?
Because ABM is impossible without insights,

BAO provides account profiling to help you lay the foundation for an ABM strategy that ensures you:

1. Select
the right companies
2. Use
the right message
3. Access
the right decision makers
Hit the ABM bullseye and make pipeline your destination.

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