Account-Based Marketing (ABM) The Foundational Insights to Get Your ABM Up and Running, Fast

82% of marketers are currently executing or planning an ABM strategy. They’ve committed to focusing on a smaller number of companies. But only one-third are collecting details about key trigger events and 37% are gathering insights about budgeted initiatives within these VIP accounts.

In ABM, a great deal of resources are directed at a focused list of accounts, but often times not enough resources are directed at selecting those accounts.

What It Is. How It Works.

BAO lays the foundation for your ABM strategy with the insights and resources that help you execute three key steps in the ABM process:

  • “Select the Right Companies” Selecting the right ABM targets is the most important step in your ABM strategy. You can’t put enough emphasis on pinpointing the right accounts. This is crucial because your efforts will generate results only if they’re directed at the right companies. Focusing on the wrong accounts - like for example organizations who just bought your competitor’s solution- will sink your ABM efforts.

    BAO ensures that you go deeper than the basic demographics like size and industry, but instead also take into account the insights that are important to your company, like trigger events, competitive intelligence and budgeted initiatives.
  • “Use the Right Message” When executing ABM, account insights allow you to develop relevant messaging that is customized to each organization you’re targeting. This customization ensures that you are delivering programs and messages that resonate with your VIP accounts.

    For example, if account intelligence reveals that Company A is struggling with scalability in the IT department but cost of ownership is an issue for the finance department, create campaigns focused on solving the scalability issue for IT and cost savings for finance. If you know that Company B is having issues with system performance and support, customize messaging around those topics.

    BAO’s account insights allow you to confidently approach each account with messaging that’s focused on their needs and interests.
  • “Access the Right Decision Makers” To succeed, your ABM program needs to engage the most important decisions makers at your target accounts. Because ABM calls for a focused list of targets, your outreach efforts need to go far, deep and wide within each account. Often times, this includes outreach to contacts in both IT and lines-of-business.

    With 1 million plus IT and line-of- business contacts, BAO’s database provides an advantage to organizations lacking an in-house database equipped for ABM.

“Our team has used [account-by-account insights] to develop messaging tracks that will resonate with particular buyers based on their particular circumstances. As the relationship with the prospect builds, the more tailored the message is, the better. This helps us hone messages and plan future programs and content. It’s working – our current digital conversion rates are improving and we expect to see steady growth there as we continue to refine and perfect our outreach.”

Michelle Reed, CMO, SkillSurvey

Quick Start ABM Pilot

BAO's quick start ABM package gets your ABM up and running, fast.

Account Based Marketing Quick Start
  1. Starting with a list of 1,000 companies, BAO will conduct phone interviews with influencers and decisions makers to gather the account insights that will help you pick the best ABM targets for your company, right now.
  2. From the initial list of 1,000 companies, BAO will deliver 250 profiles complete with custom details about each account. You tell us the insights you want to uncover, and we’ll go out and collect it, account-by-account. We can uncover the presence of specific trigger events – like contract expirations-- pains and technology environment details as well as budgeted initiatives.
  3. Based on the insights within the profiles, BAO will help you select the most qualified 75 organizations as your ABM target list.
  4. With 75 ABM targets selected, now it’s time to begin outreach. BAO will leverage the insights uncovered to secure 20 high-quality meetings for your sales team. Armed with these insights, your sales team is better prepared to deliver a great first experience for prospects and create an opportunity within the account.

    As this happens, your marketing team will be hard at work developing content, messaging and campaigns geared around the same insights in the profiles. To help your marketing campaigns engage the most important decisions makers, we’ll provide 500 relevant IT and line-of-business contacts within your ABM targets so your outreach efforts go far, deep and wide.

Account Based Marketing Insights