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Destination Pipeline: Eliminate the Competition

In order to pinpoint your competitors’ vulnerable accounts, you need to get very granular.
Destination Pipeline

is where leads are maximized, new sales reps are productive and your account-based marketing (ABM) programs make a difference.

In this 5-part blog series we’ll explore key tactics that can help you achieve your pipeline goals.

There are prospects out there who are unhappy with your competitors. And accounts using the competition whose contracts are expiring this quarter and next. But locating them can be a challenge.

It takes a good bit of effort to acquire the account-specific insights that pinpoint your competitor’s unhappy customers. But it’s not necessarily a task you need to undertake on you own.

O.C. Tanner wanted to better understand their target market and generate leads. Upon partnered with BAO for Opportunity Identification (OppIDTM) services, they described the experience,

“We have unprecedented insight into the makeup of our market. . . We know where the competitors are. . . We know whether or not our targets are satisfied with competitors—and why. The account-level intelligence we got out of the campaign helped us to get very, very granular in targeting our prospects.”
And therein lies the key factor to successful competitive displacement:
To pinpoint your competitors’ vulnerable accounts, you need to GET VERY GRANULAR

Understanding competitive satisfaction and isolating where contracts are coming up for renewal on an account-by-account level is difficult. But the competitive advantage it provides is worth the effort. Think about it, if this intelligence were easy to acquire, then your competitors would have it too and it wouldn’t provide much of an advantage.

With our fully customized OppIDTM solution, BAO can help you identify accounts with competitive scenarios where you’re sales team is most likely to win. Here’s how it works:

1. First we develop a custom profile
to capture contract expirations, competitive satisfaction, and other intelligence that is most relevant to your business.
2. Then we call into your target market
account-by-account and conduct live interviews with key decision makers.
3. Based on what we learn in each interview,
we’ll provide you with an in-depth, real-time, segment view of your market.
Displace competitors and make pipeline your destination.

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