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Destination Pipeline: Warm up the Mid-Market

Define your mid-market strategy by identifying the most likely buyers.
Destination Pipeline

is where leads are maximized, new sales reps are productive and your account-based marketing (ABM) programs make a difference.

In this 5-part blog series we’ll explore key tactics that can help you achieve your pipeline goals.

Made up of more than 19,000 companies ($100M - $999M in annual revenues) the mid-market is large, fragmented and frequently misunderstood. But it’s a target market with an abundance of high growth companies that have a myriad of technology challenges and - most importantly - active initiatives.

So why doesn’t the mid-market receive nearly the same level of attention as the Enterprise?

Maybe it’s the sheer number of targets that give companies pause.

With so many accounts to sift through, a company’s ideal prospects are often tucked away in places you may not think to look.

Moment-in-time sales insights - like expiring contracts or competitor dissatisfaction - is what truly identifies an ideal prospect, but B2B tech companies will use basic firmographic data, such as industry or annual revenues to define their target market. This leads to an easy-to-categorize label, such as “financial services companies with over $1 billion in revenue” or “the Fortune 1000,” that has little to do with the individual account’s proclivity to purchase.

But what if instead you could define your mid-market strategy by identifying most-likely buyers. Your target market may read something like:

“We sell to upper mid-market companies that are either greenfield but have an identified initiative for my solution category, or they use a competitor, are dissatisfied, and their contract is due up for renewal in the next 12 months.

But how do you know who those buyers are in such a large market?

Through live conversations, BAO helps you identify the exact account insights and buyer signals you need to determine your best prospects. Intelligence that goes well beyond predictive analytics and intent monitoring, BAO delivers the highly customized information that streamlines your organization’s sales and marketing strategy.

1. Custom Research
BAO will interview decision makers in your mid-market whitespace to understand where buyers are located
2. Account Insights
In addition to identifying who is in market for your solutions, we’ll also pinpoint organizations that are experiencing pains and challenges as well as identify companies with trigger events, like contract renewals, on the horizon
3. Qualified Opportunities
With that intelligence in hand, we’ll get your field sales team in front of the most qualified opportunities in the mid-market
Warm up the mid-market and make pipeline your destination.

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