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Your Lead Qualification Questions Answered

We're asked a lot about this service. Here are the most common questions we get.
Effective lead qualification needs an approach that addresses a unique set of requirements and characteristics.

BAO developed our Lead Qualification service because there simply wasn’t anything out there that was helping our Clients address their lead qualification challenges. And because there’s nothing quite like it, we get asked a lot about this service. Here are the most common questions we get.

How does the BAO Lead Qualification process work?
First, we work with you to design a questionnaire that meets your qualification criteria,
which can include current tech stack, pains and challenges, budgeted initiatives, trigger events, and more. Then you give us the leads you want us to qualify. Our first pass takes out all the uncontactable contacts (those with no name or phone number) to identify the actionable leads.
Then we start calling into the actionable leads as an extension of your team
to speak with them live, and we keep at it until we reach the program commitment. We collect the insights, score and segment the leads, and deliver you detailed records for the completed leads that include specific actions to take. Your reps can then take immediate—and fully informed—action on the leads with qualified sales potential, and the rest can be added to your nurturing programs.
Bad data is eliminated, helping you keep your database clean.
You also get a dashboard analysis of the results of the campaign to help you assess the quality and ROI of different marketing programs.
What are the best types of leads for this service?

Any lead generation marketing campaign, event, or program that you’ve invested in is a great candidate for BAO’s Lead Qualification service. Often the service is utilized to follow up with leads from content campaigns including syndication, trade shows, webinars, and other field events.

When would I use BAO for lead qualification rather than rely on our internal team?

There are a lot of scenarios where outsourcing lead qualification makes sense. In fact, we wrote a whole blog post about it.

Can BAO qualify leads on an ongoing basis or is it a one-time event?

Both! Whether you have a one-time influx of leads (for example, a trade show or webinar) or an ongoing stream of leads to qualify on a weekly basis, we can help.

I have leads from old programs that were never followed up on. Can BAO qualify them?

Obviously, the fresher the leads, the better. But we can help you recoup ROI on backlogged leads within a couple of months.

Can I use this service for a list that I purchased?

This service is intended to qualify hand-raisers—people who provided their contact information directly to you in exchange for content or at an event—not to vet cold lists.

Can BAO set appointments with the qualified leads?

Yes! We can build a program where leads that meet your criteria are handed directly to our own ISRs for Appointment Setting. In fact, the Clients who use us in this way tell us that the meetings we set from the leads that we qualify are the highest quality of all their sales meetings.

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