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Every State’s Got a Prospecting Story

January 9, 2020
Category: Blog Post
Every state’s got a prospecting story. Indiana is home to the company with the lowest dial-to-meeting ratio. At just 6, that’s a gift . . .
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The People Behind a Successful Sales Process

July 8, 2019
Category: Blog Post
As the appointment setting leader, people are at the heart of everything we do. As such, we'd like to introduce just a few of the professional, skilled, and persistent individuals who deliver results for clients.
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The Prospecting Perspective

May 13, 2019
Category: Interactive
It’s never been harder to get ahold of prospects. We ought to know, we make 35,000 calls a day. Accordingly, we’ve compiled stats to illustrate the five most important factors in sales prospecting.
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A Conversation with BAO’s Founder Suzanne Higgins

March 8, 2019
Category: Blog Post
March 8th is International Women’s Day, and to celebrate, we spent a few minutes speaking with BAO's founder Suzanne Higgins.
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Dialing Up Inside Sales: Why Prioritizing Cold Calling Works

Posted by Jessica Pilat February 28, 2019
Category: Blog Post
It’s simple, really. The more inside sales reps dial the phone, the better results they get. And the reverse is also true: reps who do not pick up the phone see low levels of quota attainment.
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Extended Training for Inside Sales Teams - The Proof is in the Pipeline

Posted by Jessica Pilat January 25, 2019
Category: Blog Post
The lack of experience within inside sales organizations makes the process of training and onboarding new ISRs critical. But 48% of high tech organizations offer just 2 to 3 weeks of training for new inside reps.
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Hiring, Training, and Managing Business Development Representatives: A Data-Driven Approach

January 16, 2019
Category: Trend Reports
Recently BAO and the Predictive Index (PI) teamed up to analyze the world of business development - from hiring to training and everything that goes into the day-to-day management of a business development team.
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BAO Returns to its Roots - HQ Relocates to Chelmsford, MA

December 7, 2018
Category: Blog Post
"One of the things we're most proud of is that we help to create sales careers.” In November, BAO headquarters relocated from its home of eight years in Andover to new office space in Chelmsford, MA.
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Overcoming the Lead Quality Obstacle & Other Challenges Facing Inside Sales

October 17, 2018
Category: Blog Post
Marketing and sales teams’ success relies heavily on the leads they generate, qualify and subsequently close. However, at several points along the sales cycle, the issue of lead quality can cause the two to be at odds.
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Why Do you BAO?

September 27, 2018
Category: Videos
Inside Sales at BAO is the place to: be trained, be rewarded, be a family, and be yourself. Could you BAO?
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