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Appointment Setting in the Public Sector

April 6, 2020
Category: Service Overviews
Securing appointments in the FED and SLED markets requires a unique approach. BAO has been successfully executing appointment setting campaigns for clients in the public sector for over two decades.
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Getting Appointment Setting Right in the Public Sector

May 15, 2017
Category: Blog Post
Generating leads within the Government requires a unique approach. Because of the differences between the public and private sectors, BAO has developed a Public Sector practice complete with an internal certification process to help Clients succeed in the Public Sector.
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Forecasting 2015: Tapping Opportunities Close to Home in State and Local Government

Posted by Mike Farrell January 19, 2015
Category: Blog Post
“When you look at the state and local government market, we are talking about a market that’s $95 billion and growing. And it seems to be growing roughly – in terms of IT spend – around 2% a year.”
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Appointment Setting for Red River: Going Further, Deeper and Wider into the Federal Market

June 23, 2014
Category: Case Studies
Red River provides IT hardware integration, maintenance and support services exclusively to the Federal government. When one of the world’s largest storage vendors invited them to engage with BAO as a benefit of its partnership program, the company saw a new path to opportunity.
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Sequester - Proof Your Quota

Posted by Mike Farrell April 23, 2013
Category: Blog Post
The government sequester has sent the Federal market into a tailspin. Mandatory budget cuts mean that your contacts are powerless to advise on which projects will be funded, what they’ll be able to buy or when they’ll have authority to make a purchase.
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BAO Public Sector Podcasts

February 2, 2012
Category: Webinars
Mike Farrell, chief operating officer at BAO, sat down with Mark Amtower – a nationally known consultant, speaker, author, and radio host – for a series of podcasts that focus on effective strategies for selling into the Public Sector.
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Selling to State and Local Government: Tips From the COO of BAO

Posted by Nick Slipp February 2, 2011
Category: Blog Post
Mike Farrell, BAO’s Chief Operating Officer, has more than 20 years of experience in sales – with a focus on the Public Sector. Here, he chats with us about successful selling into state and local governments.
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