Solving the Organizational Challenge

September 12, 2016
Category: Blog Post

SiriusDecisions recently published an infographic of The Modern Chief Sales Officer’s Top Five Challenges which inspired us to pen a series of blog posts. We’re finishing up with challenge #1:

What is the ideal organizational design and investments to hit my quota?

What is the ideal organizational design and investments to hit my quota?

Invest Where you Feel the Most Pain

The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. And there’s a reason why we left the first challenge to the end. Chances are, you relate to all of the challenges highlighted in the infographic, but one or two of them really hit home in a way the others don’t.  Where do you invest? The question you need to answer is, where do you feel the most pain?  Is it new rep ramp-up? Sales productivity? Pipeline predictability? Functional alignment? Or maybe you’re challenged in other areas, such as channel enablement, breaking into the government market, or creating qualified leads, to name just a few. Invest in getting help and working with partners who can help fill those gaps. 

BAO and Catslight Appointment Setting on Demand

You also want to play to your strengths and core competencies. Look for opportunities to offload important but time-consuming activities to partners and let your reps focus on what’s critical – generating pipeline. That’s exactly what Castlight Health did. They had a specific need – in their case it was ensuring ongoing, comprehensive coverage of their target markets while new inside reps ramped up – and they partnered with BAO to help address that challenge and deliver results.

So what’s keeping you up at night? What pain are you feeling? Where are your efficiency busters? Increasing sales productivity and boosting pipeline is what we do and we’ll help you address your sales challenges. Let’s chat. 

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