Let’s talk about boosting underperforming territories.

April 10, 2020
Category: Blog Post

Let's Talk about boosting underperforming territories

Technology has gotten really good at inferring prospect needs and pushing out communications at scale, but it can’t have an authentic conversation. At BAO, we have conversations that drive real results—like boosting underperforming territories.

Chances are, there’s part of your sales process or pipeline that’s not doing as well as you’d like. Whether it’s a territory, vertical, or solution set that’s underperforming, you know there’s room for improvement. But how do you make that happen without disrupting what is working?

With BAO, you can augment your team to focus on the areas that need help, so you can fire on all cylinders.

Proofpoint worked with BAO to provide an extra boost to the pipeline.

“BAO’s experience certainly sets them apart from other lead generation providers. I’ve used them at multiple companies and have seen firsthand that their knowledge of the industry results in pipeline for my business. BAO provides a real advantage to sales and marketing teams by ensuring consistent access to buyers.”  -- Kathy Swail, Head of Field Marketing, Proofpoint

Let’s talk about how live conversations can help you get underperforming territories up to speed.

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