BAO Life

BAO has a lot to be proud of. Our client success. Our growth. Our new services. But most of all, we are proud of our culture. Family-owned-and-operated since 1997, BAO has been passionate about its fun, supportive culture since we hired our first team member. When you visit any of our four offices across the country, the positive vibe and family-feel is palpable.

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BAO is a high-energy, team-oriented company that always prioritizes client success and professional growth. The core beliefs at the center of our culture:

Create Development Opportunities:

BAO is committed to maintaining an environment that creates continuous learning. The BAO Training Academy ensures we offer ample opportunity to build a great foundation for a prosperous sales career.

Reward Performance:

BAO’s highly-leveraged, uncapped commission plan recognizes both individual and team achievement, allowing you to “write your own paycheck.”

BAO Benefits

Encourage Family Atmosphere:

Unlike a typical inside sales floor, BAO’s team-environment is designed to stoke only friendly competition. We make sure we encourage each other and have a lot of laughs every day- in sales, you have to work hard, but at BAO you have fun doing it!

Celebrate Individualism:

Musicians, athletes, bloggers and actors. New grads, seasoned reps and career changers. We’re all sales people, we are all part of the team and we revel in the uniqueness of the individuals that make BAO, well, BAO.

Our supportive culture is backed by our great benefits package, which includes:

BAO Playing Frisbee
Luke Jeton

“My first year at BAO has been great! Not without challenges, but overcoming the challenges has made my time more rewarding. Each day provides a new opportunity for success and growth, both personally and financially. As a recent college grad, and one of the younger guys in the office, I’ve been welcomed like a seasoned sales rep would be. Everyone, from senior management, to junior sales people like myself, are warm, welcoming and enjoyable. Work is made fun by the uniquely personal environment that BAO creates.”

- Luke Jeton, BAO Inside Sales Representative

Patrick Obrien

“Everyone here is bought into each other’s success. Everyone is invested in one another, and I think that has what made me stay here as long as I have.”

- Patrick O’Brien, BAO Master Inside Sales Representative

Alicia Ostrom

“My Manager cares about the team. She is our cheerleader. She cares if we’re successful, she cares if we get promoted. She cares if we hit goal. And she knows that us hitting goal, and being successful, changes our lives for the better. Which is the end game.”

- Alicia Ostrom, BAO Senior Inside Sales Representative