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Opportunity Identification Client Resource Center

You’ve engaged with BAO for an OppID project to gather custom intelligence and buyer signals for your target market.

Welcome to OppID

The power of Opportunity Identification (OppID) is the real-time intelligence you get. You have the ability to obtain exactly the information you need to set your sales and marketing teams up for success.

Welcome to Opportunity Identification (OppID)

OppID is specific, highly detailed information about your prospects’ needs, tech stack, buying process, and more. As a brief overview of what’s in store, OppID delivers:

OppID Getting Started Checklist

The most successful OppID engagements are set up for success from the start. Included in this checklist are five key areas that shape an OppID program and drive its outcomes.

Target Market Checklist

Need help deciding which market to target with OppID? Check out this target market checklist that defines markets in North America including the Enterprise, MM, SMB, Public Sector etc.

Best Practices for Adding OppID Profiles into Your Marketing Systems

Adding your OppID insights into your marketing systems is perhaps the most important step you can take to ensure that those insights are utilized across your campaigns and touch points in a scalable manner.

Using Your OppID Insights to Maximize Pipeline: Opportunity Identification for Sales Development

This guide helps sales development teams get the most value from Opportunity Identification, increase productivity, and ultimately drive more pipeline and revenue.

Acting on Your Opportunity Identification (OppID) Insights: Campaign Ideas for Marketers

OppID gathers custom intelligence and buyer signals for your target market which you can use to build great thought leadership content, hyper personalize marketing programs, and guide salespeople to their best prospects.

Schedule an Individual Training Session for your SDRs

The BAO team is happy to conduct an individual training session for your SDRs who will be following up on your OppIDs.

[Case Study] How BAO's OppID Helped Interana Find the Perfect Prospects

Interana knew what characteristics made for qualified leads. But the information necessary to identify those accounts isn’t something you can get from the usual data sources. Now, with OppID™ they know exactly which companies fit the bill.

[Case Study] O.C. Tanner: Marketing with Account Intelligence

O.C. Tanner leveraged BAO's Opportunity Identification to prioritize buyers and ramp up demand generation with highly targeted marketing. Check out this real-world example of using account intelligence to go to market effectively.

Building a Solid Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Foundation with Custom Insights from BAO

ABM is impossible without insights. A solid ABM strategy uses insights to prioritize the right ABM targets, know what to say to engage that defined universe of accounts and gain access to the decision makers within those companies.