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BAO Lead Qualification

BAO acts as an extension of your team to rapidly contact and qualify any volume of leads.
No stone unturned, live lead follow-up

Even the largest, most experienced inside sales teams don’t have the time or resources to follow up on every lead, especially during peak lead flow times. In fact, most technology organizations report that they are able to reach fewer than 20 percent of their leads live on the phone. BAO Lead Qualification ensures that no leads fall through the cracks, meaning no missed sales opportunities. By quickly identifying which leads are most viable, you only pass on the best leads to the inside sales team, setting them up for success.

As an extension of your sales and marketing teams, BAO rapidly contacts and qualifies any volume of leads, freeing up your inside team to focus on deeper-funnel prospecting and other sales activities. By immediately helping your inside sales team better balance their increasing workloads, Lead Qualification quickly and cost effectively uncovers every buyer in your backlog.

Key benefits of BAO Lead Qualification
the workloads of inside sales teams
hard earned leads
the best sales opportunities to pursue in the field
What You Gain
on all of the leads you’ve worked to create.
qualified leads
Critical Visibility
into campaign effectiveness and return on investment (ROI)
Increased Sales Team Productivity
by eliminating tire kicker calls
Improved Experience
for your prospects

“Our team creates a lot of content – eBooks, white papers, etc. – and we participate in a number of events. We get a great deal of interaction, but a chunk of it is from what many in marketing call ‘content grazers,’ people who are just interested in learning about the space. We’re happy to have them consume and share content and join our webinars, but we don’t want to chase them if they’re not real buyers. Not all leads are created equal. We needed to quickly determine what was worth our focus- and then get in front of the real prospects.”

- Michelle Reed, CMO, Skillsurvey

The Hard Numbers
The average number of dials to qualify a single inbound lead – even when they’ve interacted with your content.
The percent of all inbound leads that never receive any form of sales follow-up, neither email nor live phone calls.
How it Works
Provide BAO with your leads, or a subset of your leads, that you want to qualify.
Collaborate with BAO to design a lead qualification questionnaire, which can include current tech stack, pains & challenges, budgeted initiatives and trigger events.
BAO calls into your leads as an extension of your team and speaks with your prospects - live.
BAO collects the pre-determined insights, and scores and segments your leads.
You receive completed, detailed lead records, as well as a dashboard analysis of the results of the campaign.
Take immediate action only on the best leads to fully maximize your sales and marketing campaigns.
Why BAO Lead Qualification
BAO Lead Qualification helps inside sales team cut through inbound lead volumes, while providing marketers with the rapid intelligence required to quantify the value of their programs.
Fast Results
Get near immediate insights on leads, including which meet (or fail to meet) your qualification criteria.
Custom Strategy
Based on your criteria, each Lead Qualification engagement is tailored to specific sales and marketing needs.
Real-Time Performance Analysis
As leads are qualified, patterns emerge. With insight into lead source performance, your team is able to adjust future marketing investments.
Use Cases

So much time and effort goes into marketing programs, and teams cannot afford to let any leads go unvetted. BAO Lead Qualification helps manage follow-up from any of the below efforts, and more:

Trade shows
Content campaigns, including syndication and white papers
Forrester Wave/Gartner Magic Quadrant
“BAO’s Lead Qualification support is our insurance policy that no hard-earned lead goes untouched. Their team is fast, thorough and professional. We like knowing our prospects have a great experience with us from the first inquiry, and we know our success rate increases with live follow-up. As a fast growth organization, it's crucial that we have partners that can adapt and change with us to help meet our business needs. BAO has been just that.”

- Josh Verrill, VP Revenue Acquisition, Dyn