BAO Channel Services Overview

January 2, 2012

In any channel-oriented environment – from resellers and distributors, to OEM relationships, to a supplier’s own channel marketing organization – the primary focus is on generating and maintaining opportunities to consistently meet sales quota. The challenge comes in deciding where to apply those precious market development or co-op funds to uncover viable BAO Channel Servicesopportunities. How do you find the right targets, identify their pain points, and then turn the opportunity into immediate revenue? How do you know exactly which partner to put in front of which opportunities? How do you guarantee a return on marketing and sales investments so that your partners know that you are investing in their success?

That’s where BAO comes in.

BAO knows the channel better than any other player in the market. We provide a wide range of demand generation services customized to channel organizations of all types and jump-start sales for our Clients and their partners – with results that speak for themselves. Thanks to BAO, our Clients’ channel programs deliver measurable ROI with reported boosts in sales, market presence, and overall revenue.

Invest in Channel Success

It makes sense – the more resources, insight, and value that you provide to your partners, the greater the return for your organization. Delivering more opportunities to your partners, along with the ability to close more deals, creates more successful and profitable relationships. The more successful and profitable partners you have, the more confidence you will build across your entire channel ecosystem. Simply put – you build your business and theirs.

Support Your Channel Priorities

Are you targeting a new market segment? Kicking off a regional or national campaign? Rolling out a go-to-market strategy? Regardless of the channel initiative, we can help you: BAO Channel Overview

  • Pinpoint qualified buyers that match your technology solutions
  • Develop killer competitive attack programs
  • Connect with the right decision makers
  • Create a stellar offense for renewals
  • Address prospects’ pain points
  • Reach new prospects in new geographies, organizations, and verticals

The bottom line is that we ensure long-term pipeline productivity, allowing you to devote resources to real opportunities that deliver real results.

Get in Front of Active Buying Cycles

We generate $10 million of pipeline daily for some of the most well known organizations in the world. We achieve this by working hand-in-hand with our Clients and their partners to provide access to active buying cycles.

Our inside sales representatives make an average of 175+ highly targeted calls per day, supporting countless channel programs and sales initiatives. As a result, we know our Clients’ businesses, their partners’ businesses, and their prospects’ businesses inside and out. This actionable market intelligence transforms how channel organizations do business. They know who to approach and when. They know who’s ready to buy right now. They know their efforts will generate impressive returns.

All of BAO’s services generate quality pipeline. If you’re serious about making the most of your channel strategy, we have the right services for you:

Advanced Demand Generation

  • Looking to provide your partners with a comprehensive turnkey lead generation program? Gain access to highly qualified, immediate pipeline opportunities, in-person sales appointments, and previously untapped revenue.

Opportunity Identification

  • Need to know what prospects are buying and when? Arm your partners with the market insight to close more deals and gain a competitive edge.

Appointment Setting

  • Want to get your partners in front of viable prospects? Gain face time with key decision makers to jump-start the sales cycle.

Lead Qualification

  • Want to make sure the leads you deliver to your partners are the right leads? Want to execute successful renewal programs? Make the most of existing marketing campaigns with quick and targeted follow-up to those actually ready to buy.

Contact Validation

  • Trying to uncover new, relevant contacts for partner campaigns? Ensure marketing communications reach the right people the first time through live validation of your contacts.